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Waterden Dental Practice4 Waterden Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AW

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Waterden Dental Practice4 Waterden Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AW

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide our patients with the highest level of dental care and service and to ensure treatments are as painless and as comfortable as possible.

CBTC Scanner

We are one of a few dental practices in Guildford that has a CBCT Scanner. A Scanner that delivers sharper-than-ever 3D imaging. From incredibly sharp 2D panoramic images of the whole mouth to full 3D volume flexibility due to its selectable fields of view and easier, more secure patient positioning for the perfect image. The dentist uses the X-Ray to assess bone levels, impacted wisdom teeth, tooth roots, and for treatment planning purposes.


Our CEREC 3D CAD-CAM system enables our dentists to construct and fit perfectly matching ceramic crowns and inlays in a single visit. Patients no longer have to wait weeks for a permanent crown to be fitted and endure the discomfort that a temporary crown can bring.

The Wand™

We offer our patients single tooth anaesthesia using the patented STA Wand™. The Wand™ is a pen like device which enables the dentists to anaesthetize a single tooth keeping discomfort and stress levels to an absolute minimum. No more numb lips or tongue means you’ll also be free to eat and drink straight after your appointment.

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Waterden Dental Practice4 Waterden Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AW

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