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Waterden Dental Practice4 Waterden Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AW

Looking for dental implants in Guildford? You could have lost one tooth, several teeth or all your natural teeth; this can affect your smile, your ability to eat your favourite foods, your self-esteem and your health.

Have you lost a tooth or do you have several missing teeth?

We understand that this can cause a loss of confidence in your smile, prevent you from enjoying your favourite foods and have an overall negative impact on your quality of life. However, dental implants can provide an effective and permanent solution to these problems. Scroll down to learn more or contact Waterden Dental today to arrange your free consultation!

What are dental implants?

For many years, the only dental treatment options for missing teeth were dentures and bridges. Now, the best long term solution to missing teeth for most people are dental implants. They allow you to eat, talk and smile with confidence as the replacement teeth appear natural and your facial contours are preserved.

Designed to replicate the behaviour of a real tooth, the titanium root of a dental implant fuses with the jawbone. Once this has been secured in place, a beautiful new dental crown (artificial tooth) will be placed on top and attached to the implant. These perfectly resemble the look and texture of natural teeth, so much so that nobody would ever know that you had lost a tooth in the first place!

Who is suitable for dental implant treatment?

Dental implants are suitable for adults of any age that are generally in good health and have healthy gums. We always carry out a thorough consultation first to determine if it is safe to go ahead with the treatment.

Do dental implants hurt?

The procedure is generally painless as it is typically carried out under local anesthesia. If you have any concerns about this, you can discuss them in detail with the dentist prior to having the treatment.

How long do dental implants last?

Provided you take good care of your dental implants, they can last a lifetime. Look after them by maintaining good oral hygiene, brushing, flossing and having regular check-ups with your dentist.

Our dental implant Surgeon, Dr Mohammad Husban, is highly skilled and knowledgeable and trained at postgraduate level. He is dedicated to ensuring that your replacement teeth are secure and long-lasting.

Having invested in the best diagnostic tools, including an in-house CBCT Scanner and a 3D Intra Oral surface scanner, we can make implant placement comfortable and efficient. This results in reduced recovery time and less invasive surgery.

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Waterden Dental Practice4 Waterden Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AW

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