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Waterden Dental Practice4 Waterden Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AW

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Waterden Dental Practice4 Waterden Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AW

Our dedicated, highly skilled and experienced dental hygienists are passionate about the prevention of Periodontal (gum) Disease and will help you achieve and maintain good oral hygiene.

They will assess the health of your gums, professionally clean your teeth, monitor and help you prevent periodontal (gum) disease, offer dietary advice, smoking cessation. Most importantly they will give you advice on how to improve and maintain your daily routine and recommend the best ways to keep your teeth and gums clean and cleaning techniques that are appropriate to your needs and lifestyle.

Regular visits to our dental hygienists can help prevent issues such as gum disease, bleeding gums, tooth decay and tooth loss. It allows plaque and tartar to be removed in difficult to reach places, leaving you with a cleaner, fresher and healthier mouth.

Research has shown a link between gum disease and other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and risk of dementia. Oral hygiene is not only good for your gums and heart but could cut your risk of dementia. Our highly experienced hygienists can help and advice you on an overall strategy to good oral dental care which will not only benefit your gums but your overall health.

For a brighter smile we use the latest Air flow technology available to remove extrinsic staining from your teeth.

Dental Hygienists/Therapists can also offer fissure sealants to our younger patients to prevent dental decay.

Our dental hygienists can see you under Direct Access, please ask for more details

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Waterden Dental Practice4 Waterden Road Guildford Surrey GU1 2AW

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